Blue Box
Modern controller for sequential gas power supply systems in the volatile phase is dedicated for 4 cylinders engines.
During designing ZENIT PRO control unit we have used not only fifteen years of experience in LPG trade but also new technologies. New product in Premium Category is dedicated for cars with 4,6,8 cylinder engines and is also available in OBD version.
Compact is an innovative and technologically advanced electronic control unit. It is dedicated for cars with 4 cylinders. It is equipped with the newest generation processor thanks to which it is fully compatible with car engine.
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'Tour the South Africa' with Auto-Gaz Centrum Africa

Auto-Gaz Centrum Africa, our distributor on that region, with the companion of the representatives of national associations of taxi drivers, took the South Africa Tour. They tested the taxi with our installation – Zenit PRO. Taxi previously passed all necessary tests and received a SABS certificate (South Africa Bureau of Standards ) to be put into service. All participants were impressed how ...

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